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Charter flights are provided in the exclusive representation of T-air and DSA, which owns a fleet of different types of aircraft and head offices have in Hradec Kralove, Prague and Bratislava. Thanks to this we can assure the flight according to your needs with total flexibility as in the case of time, price, so choosing the right aircraft for your trip.
Ensuring Flight covers transport people as well as express delivery ofcargo shipments with ensuring the transfer of the goods to and from the airport.

Turbo Props

Are able to land at and take off from small, short or even unpaved airfields and therefore could cover areas that are difficult to access such as mountain airports and ailtiports. Client´s interest about this category is very high.

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Light Jets

Are best suited for a small group of passangers and short distance trips. Light jet is the best choise of price and an efficient way of comfortable travel. The growing demand for small jets shows how popular is this kind of private transportation these days.

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Midsize Jets

Is the most favorite group of private aircraft in bussiness aviation these days. It is ideal for small groups. The spacious cabin, long range and higher payload suggest great comfort and luxuroius way of travel compared to the light jets. 

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Heavy Jets

Are larger body aircraft and stand on the top of bussines aviation. They are best for bigger groups that demand the higest luxury travel style. The high cruise speed and luxury cabin interior are the main advantages of heavy jets.

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Are a great choise of trasportation for large groups of passengers. These aircraft have different interior cabin versions: bussines-private, standard passenger or cargo. Check in is possible only through public terminals at the airports.

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Offer efficient, fast and short distance travel  for small groups. The greatest benefit of helicopter flying is the possibily of landing at and take off form almost any place. Helicopers are used for passenger transport, sightseeing flights and aerial work. 

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